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A Girl Is Disturbed From Reading For Sex

Duration: 19m, 54s, Starring Tera Bond, Gergely Szabo

(Not Rated)

Tera was all alone and reading a book when she was approached for sex. She didn't have to be asked twice, when he dropped his towel, she immediately took his big cock into her mouth and started stroking him off. After Tera stripped down and got undressed, he rubbed her wet pussy a bit to get her nice and aroused. Then she slid his cock between her massive monster titties and gave him a titty fuck. Finally Tera got up on top of his lap and rode on his tool inside her pussy. He pounded into her dripping wet snatch in several positions until he was ready to cum. Then Tera got down next to him and swallowed his thick man pudding.

Girl Is Pulled Away From A Book To Fuck

Duration: 18m, 39s, Starring Raquel Fox, Gergely Szabo

(Not Rated)

Gabriella is checking out some literature when a guy comes up to her to have her check out something else! He drops his pants and Gabriella immediately starts to suck him off. She strips as she swallows him, even rubbing her wet pussy at the same time. Then as she balances against the fireplace, Gabriella gets her hot twat fucked from behind! Her pink snatch gets worked over in several ways as she takes him deep within her. Finally as she's laying on her side and getting fucked from behind, he feels the urge to climax. So Gabriella gets on her knees and milks his cock with her mouth until he shoots a load on her tits.

A Girl Seduces A Guy Away From His Book

Duration: 20m, 33s, Starring Monica Da Silva, Davison

(3 Votes)

A guy is sitting next to the fireplace reading when Monica has other plans for him in mind! She comes up to him in her white lingerie and shows off her gorgeous body. He eagerly goes down on her tits and sucks on her nipples. Then he kisses down to her pussy as he laps up her wet cunt and fingers her at the same time. Monica then takes his big erection down her throat. He slaps his cock against her tongue as she swallows him to get him completely hard. Finally he starts probing into her pussy hole and Monica is fucked well. He rams into her twat for awhile and then stuffs his dick in her ass before shooting a load in her mouth.

A Cocktail With A Friend Leads To Sex

Duration: 16m, 2s, Starring Haley Scott

(1 Vote)

Haley was sitting alone on the couch, feeling very horny. She's turning herself on by rubbing her tits and fondling her pussy while she disrobes. Then later in the day, she has a male visitor over as they enjoy a cocktail together. She then starts to seduce him on the couch as she begins to suck his cock. He takes her by the hair and fucks her mouth with his cock as he pushes her on top of it. After a few minutes of oral, Haley then gets up on top of his dick and rides him inside of her. He fucks her chubby little pussy in all positions on the couch and then finally feeds her his cum which she eagerly accepts.

A Lady In Red Takes A Hard Fucking

Duration: 21m, 19s, Starring

(1 Vote)

A horny lady in red is waiting for her man to come along and give her the penetration that she craves. She doesn't wait long when he comes over and offers her his cock. She immediately goes to work servicing it in her mouth. He takes her by both sides of the head and starts to drill down her throat. Finally after a few minutes of sucking him off, she straddles his lap and his cock is stuffed up inside her pussy. She rides him hard as she practically impales herself on his huge erection. After getting fucked in all sorts of ways, she then immediately gets down beneath him to swallow up his little swimmers.

A Brunette Masturbates On A Table

Duration: 5m, 54s, Starring Sherol Badd

(Not Rated)

A horny lady is in a classroom learning about the female reproductive system first hand! She's feeling a bit horny, so she gets up on the table and starts to rub her shaved snatch. She's diddling her clit as she lets it slip and and out between her fingers. Then she rubs her titties and gets her perky nipples nice and erect. She continues to masturbate on the table as she groans and her pussy is completely moist. She slaps her hand against her hot twat, giving it a little hard stimulation. Then finally as she's sitting on the desk with her legs spread open wide, she cums hard in a screaming orgasm.

A Blonde Masturbates With A Vibrator

Duration: 5m, 51s, Starring Cat Loren

(Not Rated)

Cat is in the kitchen putting away some of the utensils when she finds her Jackrabbit dildo in the drawer. She decides to give it a spin as she sucks it into her mouth. She gets undressed and then climbs up on the kitchen counter. Cat then starts to penetrate her wet cunt with the vibrator as she stimulates her clit with the other end. She's thrusting it inside of herself and pleasuring her wet pussy as she groans in ecstasy. Cat continues to fuck herself with the toy while teasing her hot snatch. She finally cums in a hard orgasm and then she licks the toy clean, tasting her own pussy juices on it.

A Brunette Masturbates On The Couch

Duration: 7m, 39s, Starring Natalie Heart

(Not Rated)

Naughty Natalie is on the couch in her lingerie, running her fingers all over her tits. She's feeling very frisky as she starts to remove her clothing and reaches a hand down to her shaved pussy. She starts to rub her clit as she feels her little pink slit getting more and more moist. Then Natalie grabs a phallic shaped dildo and starts to suck on it. After a few minutes, she stuffs it in her pussy and starts to penetrate herself. She fucks her hot twat for several minutes until she pulls the toy out and sucks on it. She tastes her own juices on the dildo as she continues to rub her cunt with her fingers.

Voluptuous Blond Masturbates To Climax

Duration: 4m, 37s, Starring Tina Butt

(1 Vote)

Full figured blond hottie Sugar Love puts on a solo masturbation show with her favorite toy in this erotic vid. She leans back in her chair, spreading her legs - so sexy in her thigh high stockings - and starting to massage her pussy lips and clit. She's fully shaved and you can see the wetness glistening on her cunt lips. She licks the vibrator to get it nice and moist, then she slowly eases it into her tight pussy. Thrusting faster and faster, she closes her eyes and fantasizes about getting fucked by a real man while she pumps herself full of plastic cock, finally driving herself to a fantastic orgasm and licking the toy clean.

Shy Redhead Spreads Legs, Touches Pussy

Duration: 5m, 13s, Starring Tracy Plum

(Not Rated)

Young redhead Tracy Plum is a little shy stripping off for the camera, but she has no reason to be - with gorgeous pouting lips, pert little boobies and a delicious pussy, she's fucking hot! In this scene, she sits on the edge of the bed and pulls off her little panties, touching her perfectly shaved pussy and gently rubbing her clit. She opens her legs a little wider, and shyly spreads her pussy lips right out so she can better rub her aching clit. As she rubs herself, she loses herself to the pleasure of her fingertips touching her erotic nub, arching her back as she works herself to a stupendous, earth shattering orgasm.

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