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Scouting for Wood

Jogger Discovers Two Horny Gays In Woods

Duration: 32m, 25s, Starring Alex, James, Ryan

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A young man is jogging in the woods when he hears groans coming from the bushes. He stops, silently pacing forward and seeing two other hot young men in the midst of an oral 69. The jogger stands there, watching and masturbating, before he makes his move. He clears his throat as he approaches the surprised men, pulling out his own prick and waving it at them as does so. The horny 69ing cocksuckers both go down on the new man, eagerly choking on his engorged penis. Then one man lies down on all fours while the jogger takes him in the ass. A hardcore double anal fucking ensues, followed by three huge facials. Don't miss this gay threesome!

Jogging Stud Fucks Cocksucker In Forest

Duration: 12m, 5s, Starring Alex, George

(Not Rated)

A young man is sitting by himself in the woods, thinking that he is hidden behind a pile of rocks while he masturbates. Little does he know that he has been spotted by a horny jogger, who sneaks up behind him. Just as the first man is about to make himself cum, the well muscled jogger makes presence known. The two guys shyly walk up to each other, grabbing each others' cocks and rubbing them together. The first man gets down on his knees, eagerly fellating the jogger before he bends over and offers up his ass hole. What else is the jogger to do but to slide his engorged prick into the first man's butt, taking his ass hole raw with no condom.

Poor Army Guy Ass Fucked Twice In A Day

Duration: 23m, 2s, Starring Casey, Harry, James

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This gay army dude just can't get enough cock in his ass! He begins the scene sucking off another man, with whom he has snuck off into the bushes to get dirty. He bounces on the guy's cock, jacking himself off he takes in the butt. The two army guys are laughing as they walk back along the train tracks towards the camp. They are surprised by another man, who was suspicious of their disappearance. There is only one thing that will make this man keep his mouth shut - a taste of that sweet ass! The ass fucked homosexual gets a hardcore spit roasting from the two studs, one dick in his butt and the other thrusting in and out of his throat.

Young Gay Lads Have First Anal In Bushes

Duration: 19m, 32s, Starring Brad, Nick

(Not Rated)

Two horny young lads are out fishing together in a boat. They have been attracted to each other for a long time, but they can't consummate their homosexual lust for fear of ridicule from their peers. However, they can't contain their lust any longer, so they steer the boat into the reeds, hidden from the piercing gaze of the scout master. Here, they pull down each others' pants and take turns sucking each others' dicks. However, just oral isn't enough for these young men, so they go ashore. The more submissive cocksucker bends over, placing his hands against a tree and baring his anus for penetration. His blond friend gives it to him hard.

Gay Boy Scouts Just Love Hard Anal Sex

Duration: 22m, 10s, Starring Alex, Ryan, Steve

(Not Rated)

What is it about these homosexual boy scouts? Screws the Outward Bound course, these horny homosexuals just want to fuck! There are two sections to this hot gay scene. In the first part, an extremely well toned stud masturbates by himself in the bushes. He is topless, showing off his ripped abdominal muscles while he jerks himself to a stupendous orgasm, spraying jism all over the bushes. Then the scene cuts to to two horny homos, who can't wait to suck each other off in the bushes. One guy ends up bent over a rock while the other man fucks him hard in the ass hole, eventually filling up his tight butt with a thick stream of jism.

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