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Cute Studs Get Watched at Poolside

Duration: 20m, 57s, Starring Ivan Mrozek, Mihaly, Richard Becker

(1 Vote)

Mihaly and Richard Becker have been after each other for quite some time, so when Richard catches Mihaly trying to suck himself off, he just has to step in for some fun. Watching nearby is Ivan Mrozek, who doesn't join in on the fun, but he definitely enjoys watching every last bit of it. As these guys start to get all hot and bothered with each other, they're going to be getting some hot and sweaty cock sucking going on right next to the pool, before ramping up to the main, very hot event that leaves them satisfied.

Ivan Mrozek Used By Three Other Men

Duration: 23m, 28s, Starring Flowers, Ivan Mrozek, Sanray, Vinger

(Not Rated)

Ivan Mrozek is going to be finding himself in the middle of a cock pile, and the only way that he can get out is to suck and fuck his way through all of the guys. Sanray, Flowers and Vinger are working on him, pushing their dicks in his face and demanding attention. As they get hornier and hornier, they get rougher with Ivan, eventually spitroasting him while he is grabbing at his dick and working himself furiously. It's one of the hottest gay foursomes that you're ever going to have the joy of watching.

Mihaly Has Threesome with Two Strapping Friends

Duration: 21m, 34s, Starring Ivan Mrozek, Mihaly

(Not Rated)

Mihaly has the best friends in the world, because they find this super secluded field with a picnic table, park their cars and decide that they're going to get frisky as hell. Ivan Mrozek and another of his friends are there for the ride, and they're all going to be enjoying the dick sucking immensely. Mihaly wants to take it to the next level, and no one is going to deny him the fucking that he craves. Before long his ass is stretched open and ready for some fun, making him moan, groan and shudder with pleasure.

Errant Farmhand Taught A Lesson With Hardcore Doggy Anal

Duration: 16m, 8s, Starring Ivan Mrozek, Mosoly Peti

(4 Votes)

The owner of this farm is furious - no matter where he looks, he can't find an errant farmhand. Finally he peers into the milk shed, seeing the farmhand with his cock in his pants, furiously stroking his member. The owner watches hidden in the doorway as the farmhand approaches his orgasm - then he strides into the room, pulling out this own hard dick and thrusting it into the farmhand's wide open mouth! The farmhand is a horny and submissive cocksucker, giving the owner's cock a sloppy deepthroat gagging and then getting on top, riding the meat in reverse cowboy. He's finished with an intense doggystyle pounding that's got to hurt!

Gay House Party Gets Hot and Heavy

Duration: 19m, 57s, Starring Flowers, Manosa, Mosoly Peti, Sanray

(1 Vote)

Mosoly Peti needs some serious big jammers, and he needs it any way he can get his hands or mouth on it! Sanray can smell his desperation, and decides to cash in on his good luck, but so does Flowers and Manosa. All three men work their charms to get Mosoly's clothes off and it works. Once their pants hit the floor lips lock around pricks and heads start bobbing away, getting them all ready for the real fun. These boys start into the hardcore butt action with all the lust in their loins, riding their bodies to the limit and blasting jizz all over each other!

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