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Pool Play

Pool Boy Twink Drilled In His Tight Ass

Duration: 23m, 39s, Starring Drew Andrews

(Not Rated)

This cute blond pool boy gets paid extremely well for what is a rather simple job - but when required, he is expected to partake in some sexy extracurricular activities! He lays down his net when his employer, an extremely good-looking and well toned stud, walks out to the pool area in only a tiny pair of y-fronts. Following him into the cool shade of the living room, the pool boy pulls down the stud's pants and start sucking. After some hot mutual oral sex and face fucking, the blond pool boy has tight ring hole licked and fingered, leading up to an intense anal fuck. You'll love hearing him scream while he gets roughly sodomized!

Cute Blond Guy Done Roughly In His Ass

Duration: 12m, 7s, Starring

(Not Rated)

At the outset of this gay porn video, a blond stud with a bowl cut jerks himself poolside. He hears the home owner of coming back, so he quickly picks up his tools and gets back to work. Next we see a cute blond guy with longish hair sucking on the cock of a burly muscle stud. He is completely disciplined by the muscular man, who dwarfs him in height and bulk. The blond cocksucker lies on his back, spreading his legs and lifting his cock and balls out of the way so that the big dick muscle man can do him in his little ass. It's a huge cock and it's obvious that this blond fucker isn't used to getting done in his ass quite so rough!

Submissive Twink Begs For Hard Ass Fuck

Duration: 19m, 30s, Starring

(Not Rated)

This gay fuck movie is divided into two separate parts. In the first section, a good-looking young blond stud with a bowl cut masturbates poolside. He just flops out his massive meat and starts to jerk it right then and there! A cock hungry twink eyes him eagerly from the other side of the pool, and the two have an erotic rendezvous in the hotel room later on in the evening. The masturbating stud sits back and watches the young twink blow him and lick his ass hole. That's got to be some divine oral pleasure! Then the young twink bends over, spreading his own ass cheeks and begging for a good butt fucking. The submissive slut loves cock!

Hardcore Gay Anal Fucking By Hotel Pool

Duration: 23m, 54s, Starring Drew Andrews

(Not Rated)

Two horny guys have some hot anal sex right next to the hotel swimming pool in this gay public fuck scene. The two men, heedless of any spectators they might have, kiss each other passionately on the lips, rubbing their big cocks together underwater. Pulling themselves out of the pool, they retire to the shade, where they take turns sucking each others now engorged cocks. One man bends over and sticks out his pallid ass while his buddy licks and fingers his hole, almost making the other man spurt right then and there from the prostate stimulation! Once the asshole is nicely lubricated with his spit, the dude slides his meat right inside.

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