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One Hung Bitch 3

Black Shemale in Interracial Guy Fuck

Duration: 28m, 32s, Starring Suzana Holmes, Kelvin

(4 Votes)

Suzana Holmes is one of those imposing shemales that you never thought you would ever get a chance to fuck - her dick is large and bountiful, she seems to have come from Brazil, and she has one of those giant dicks that makes you feel rather small. She also is tailor made for busting open virgin manass and she has Kelvin just waiting for her to sink it inside of him. Now for me, I'd try shemale sex out with, say, an Asian but he's running right to the big guns, wanting to feel that massive dick inside of him.

Black Shemale Fucks White Stud

Duration: 19m, 34s, Starring Suzana Holmes, Andrew Lopes

(5 Votes)

Suzana Holmes is a fucking gorgeous black shemale - her skin is deep and rich, her ass is nice and thick, and her tits are magnificent...and once your eyes flick down to her dick, you'll see that that is rather hefty as well. Andrew Lopes is just loving looking at her, and once he wraps his lips around her waiting dick he loses his mind to the pleasure of getting face fucked by a black shemale dick. Then when she goes to fuck him, his dick is so hard he almost cums right off the bat - this is one interracial shemale porn video you have to watch.

Black Brazilian Shemale in Interracial

Duration: 31m, 5s, Starring Suzana Holmes, Alan Marcelo

(5 Votes)

Suzana Holmes has a hefty black dick that she is more than happy about using on Alan Marcelo. She always has a taste for white ass, and this guy is all about getting that shemale deep inside of him. He takes her in his mouth first, barely able to fit that shemale dick all the way in. She has a giant black cock for sure, and one that is going to keep on slamming into his ass over and over again until he is spent and dripping wet with her cum. She just rams away at that white ass, the interracial aspect of it getting her harder and harder.

Ebony Shemale Gets White Ass Riding

Duration: 32m, 33s, Starring Suzana Holmes, Eduardo Meirelles

(8 Votes)

Suzana Holmes is the type of black shemale that will make your toes curl the second you see her. She is so fucking sexy, with her giant black cock, great ebony tits, and an addiction for white ass. Eduardo Meirelles has always wanted to see what it would be like to fuck a black shemale, but instead he ended up getting fucked by her. She shoves her dick down his throat, gets his ass spread wide, and then gets bounced up and down on her big shemale dick until he ends up spurting cum all over. She loves interracial shemale porn.

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