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My Point of View 3

Lucky Guy Meets Hot Slut In The Bushes

Duration: 20m, 58s, Starring Petra

(3 Votes)

If you fantasise about having sex with random women, and you'll love this excellent POV clip. A man is walking in the woods when he encounters a gorgeous redhead, who teasingly dances around him in the bushes before she allows him to grab her. She goes down on the guy, sucking his straining cock right there in public. He quickly takes her home, where she continues her excellent oral treatment. The guy gives the girl good fucking, bending her over the kitchen counter, but she really wants to ride his bone. He lies down in ecstasy as she grinds her pussy repeatedly on his shaft. When her man is ready to cum, she swallows the entire load.

Amateur Stripper Fucked in the Ass

Duration: 17m, 25s, Starring Karma, Drew Salomon

(4 Votes)

Karma knows how to work the stripper pole just as well as she knows how to work a cock pole, so she is quite at home when she goes up to Drew Salomon. She starts off nice and slow, stripping down for him and really getting his dick nice and hard. This is filmed in a pov style so that you can feel like you are right in the middle of the scene, getting the shit fucked out of you. She fucking moans at every touch and every tease, with means that all you can hear is her beautiful and lusty cries driving you wild.

Easy Blond Fucked After Closing Time

Duration: 17m, 27s, Starring Marina, Justin Stafford

(1 Vote)

It's closing time at the restaurant, and the waiter is evicting the last few customers. The last person left is a gorgeous blond, perched on her stool. She gives him an alluring look and he decides that he will make an exception for this hottie. He locks up and returns to the girl, who drops to her knees, pulling her breasts out of her short dress while she takes his throbbing member in her mouth and sucks. This girl really knows how to suck cock, almost bringing him off in her mouth. Instead he lays her down on a couch, pumping that sweet pussy for all he is worth and even managing to get that prick in her ass.

Amateur Euro Chick Loves To Get Anal

Duration: 16m, 49s, Starring Ivana, Ellis Durward

(2 Votes)

Ivana is a call girl of the best kind - the one that will do anything you ask her to. Ellis Durward calls her into his hotel room, and he seems to be wanting to tape all of this pov style. She doesn't seem to mind at all - this is the type of thing that is going to make her pussy dripping wet before long. Of course, once he gets her stripped down he ends up suggesting something that makes her even wetter. He ends up getting her right in the ass, pounding his dick in and really going to town balls deep in her.

Amateur POV Fuck and Suck Fest

Duration: 14m, 47s, Starring Sandra, Dusty Lindon

(7 Votes)

The one thing that I really like about amateur porn is the fact that you do get to see a lot of pov in it. It just has to do with the fact that it bets the whole setting up the camera on a tripod thing. I think he's wearing a head mounted one, since you can see both of his hands. He sneaks up on Sandra, who has just put on a slinky skirt. Dusty Lindon works his hands up and down her succulent body, getting her down on her knees to suck his dong. When he's ready to bang her he's still doing it pov style.

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