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London Shaggers 6

Misha And Sasha Group Sex With Billy Video

Duration: 23m, 10s, Starring Misha, Sasha, Billy

(2 Votes)

Sasha and Misha are two sexy London ladies who have the hottest accents in the world, along with the highest sex drives. These girls might have wanted to go after each other at first, and do manage to get some great pussy licking in, but they end up turning their attentions to Billy before long. The ladies are going to go right for his dick, passing it back and forth like a candybar before they decide who is going to end up taking the pounding first, and who needs to wait her turn. It's a rather delicious ride to watch.

Brunette Babe Katrin Rides Frank's Massive White Cock

Duration: 18m, 39s, Starring Katin, Frank

(3 Votes)

Katin has been showing houses, lofts and apartments in the London area for a long time and she knows what it means when a guy asks to meet you at one of the open houses late at night to talk about buying it. It means they couldn't care less, but they might be willing to fuck you for the chance at getting a better deal. She likes this part of the job, it's a free fuck that the guy really works at and she gets to look them in the eye, while she's still glowing after her orgasm, and tell them it doesn't matter.

Simone Clair Gets Her London Ass Fucked By Marko

Duration: 19m, 19s, Starring Simone Clair, Marko

(3 Votes)

Simone Clair is a London native who is always down for a hot and dirty shag, and she's going to pick up Marko to satisfy her hot and carnal needs. She knows that she's going to be taking on every bit of that cock, and once she gets herself completely satisfied she's going to be calling him again and again. It turns out that she's rather addicted to that cock of his, and there's nothing quite like seeing the way that she moves against him that really drives everyone wild and crazy. Watch the fun as they fuck.

Alex Devine Loves To Bounce Up And Down On Hard Cock

Duration: 19m, 4s, Starring Alex Devine, Bolder

(3 Votes)

Alex Devine is in serious need of having her sweet snatch not only plowed but tilled. She needs to have her whole pleasure center gone over by Bolder and she's hoping he's willing to take the time to really explore with her today as she wakes from her slumber and finds him there still after a night's rest and all that shagging from the day before. She can't believe how long he held out the other day, and she has even more trouble believing he'll be able to do it again with her riding him from dawn.

Misha Is Such A Beauty Liked Very Much By Tony

Duration: 23m, 37s, Starring Misha, Sasha, Tony Tedeschi

(2 Votes)

Tony Tedeschi got incredibly lucky out at a London club. He found not one but two hot blondes that wanted to take him home and fuck him. Not just any two blondes either, but twins that wanted to take him home together. It's one of the reasons he loves traveling to far away places. Here in London he's about to knock one of the hardest things to get off his fuck list. These two bitches are ready for everything he has to offer though, so he's going to have to be on his A game if he wants to get an invite back.

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