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Cute Lesbians Getting Off With Sex Toys

Duration: 15m, 38s, Starring Leslie Meadow, Melissa Bank

(Not Rated)

Two small-breasted lesbian hotties get it on with each other in the great outdoors right here. Using a lime green vibrator, their lips tongues and fingertips these talented dykes make one another moan and writhe with pleasure. The long haired brunette uses that fucker on her girlfriends pussy like a pro, while rubbing her clit at the same time, then, once the blonde has gotten off that way she turns over to stick her ass in the air and get her pussy reamed with it again from a different position.

Dildo Does Double Duty on Horny Lezzies

Duration: 17m, 42s, Starring Marie Jone, Silvia Saint

(Not Rated)

Two hungry, horny babetes are going to be doing some munching in this scene. Silvia Saint is not living up to her holy name is she plunges face-first into the holiest of all the holes on sexy Marie Jone! These two thin, pretty babes are nibbling on titties and getting their cunts warm and juicy! Once they've had a little taste of each other, they bring out the big guns, and by guns I mean dildo! Both of them take their turns being the fucker and getting fucked with this little pleasure wand and both ladies let loose some moans and groans of delight as they cum!

Two Smoking Hot Chicks on the Rocks

Duration: 17m, 55s, Starring Cherry Blashe, Stacey Moist

(Not Rated)

It's a hot summer day and two naked babes are baking in the sun. They try their best to cool each other off with some ice cubes, but if anything, they just end up being even hotter! Cherry Blashe and Stacey Moist are definitely going to be getting wet and wild in this backyard pussy fest! When this ice is melted, these two ladies head into their own backyards, getting buzzed with a vibrator and having their asses tickled! Once one finishes cumming, the other is on her back getting her clit zapped with the toy and having a screamingly fantastic orgasm!

Back Lot Bitches Getting Frisky!

Duration: 19m, 36s, Starring Lori Scott, Wendy Flawe

(Not Rated)

It looks as though Wendy Flawe and Lori Scott just couldn't wait to get their hands all over each other's bodies, as they've parked themselves in a dusty, dry back lot where they're going to try and get moist! Hot and delirious, these two sluts try to quench their thirst by licking each other's juicy cunts! It seems to be working because they just won't stop! They might be in the middle of nowhere, but they managed to bring the essentials: no clothing and a vibrator! Maybe they're lost, maybe they're not, but what I know for sure, is that they are going to cum!

Six Toys, Two Pussies. You Do the Math

Duration: 18m, 26s, Starring Jelena Wattson, Karina Burke

(Not Rated)

Ah yes, the double-ended dildo. Truly a miracle of modern creation. Karina Burke and Jelena Wattson can't wait to come pussy to pussy and fuck this double-fuck-stick! There's some big jugs wiggling and two pussies getting plugged! And why leave it at one sex toy? Why not tickle their clits with a vibrator and choke back on another big plastic cock? Hell, I'm going to go out on a limb here, and say, why the hell don't we just give them a strap-on dick and have them fuck each other in the asshole with it? I mean, I'm just saying...

Dirty School Sluts Skip Class for Ass

Duration: 20m, 45s, Starring Brandi Lyons, Tanya Danielle

(1 Vote)

Naughty, naughty school girls Brandi Lyons and Tanya Danielle are late for class, however, if they were to explain why they were late to their teacher, I'm sure he'd understand. And also ask to watch next time! These two slutty girls get out of their uniforms and into some tits-n-pussy! Bent over with her ass hanging out of her kilt, the blond in braids gets busy on our sassy brunette's cunt! But she's not just going to lay back and enjoy the lick, she gets her hands all over that tight little ass! And just when you thought it wasn't going to get any better...they fuck each other with dildos. You're welcome!

Sunny, With a Chance of Hot Lesbian Sex!

Duration: 13m, 28s, Starring Dorthy Mink, Kelli Thorpe

(Not Rated)

Wow. What a view. Mountains and valleys make for some gorgeous scenery, and I am not talking about the background! Horny Kelli Thorpe and Dorthy Mink expose their assets and very quickly start exploring the landscape! Bent over, ass in the air and licking some cunt. That is a scene that everyone should get to enjoy! There's no Grand Canyon here; there's just tight, wet pussy and puckered asshole! And for your information, the forecast for today is calling for a chance of hot, moist air, but it will be centralized in and around these two hot cunts!

Big Tits, Hot Cunts, Sassy Boots!

Duration: 16m, 6s, Starring Brandy Luck, Hailey Burt

(1 Vote)

I'm not sure this blond slut needs a nurse, hell I'm not sure that's a nurse at all, but what I do know is that a hot bitch in white vinyl just showed up with a bag of tricks and she's meeting a hot blond in some red fishnets. Chances are, nothing of the medical nature is going to take place in this bed, but let's just say they've brought along some latex gloves just in case! Ok, let's face it, this ho doesn't even play one on TV, but shit, she's got some big kinky boots, likes to get tied up and has some huge fucking knockers. Oh, and she loves pussy. A lot!

Lesbian Strapon In The Game Room

Duration: 18m, 55s, Starring Shannon Bouse, Terry Mound

(Not Rated)

Terry Mound and Shannon Bouse were hanging out in the game room of Terry's house. They were going to play some pool, but then Terry decided to have some real fun and broke out her strapon. The two stripped, kissed and started rubbing each other's tight naked bodies. They took turns diving down on the muff then Terry put the strapon on and had Shannon get up and stab herself in the pussy with that hard dildo. She wrapped her pierced pussy around the dildo and hammered herself into it unitl she was cumming all over it. This beats the hell out of a game of nine ball.

A Toy In Every One Of Her Holes

Duration: 21m, 19s, Starring Bethany Star, Mariah Stone

(4 Votes)

Bethany Star and Mariah Stone were so into each other that they didn't care that there was other people in the house. One of them laid back and let the other use her vibrator on clit while she drilled her pussy out with a nice big dildo. After she worked that fake dick deep in her pussy she broke out and strapon, flipped her over and reamed her ass out with the strapon. As her ass was filled with a strapon she put another dildo in her pussy and sucked on one. This girl just can't get enough fake dick. She came so many times she needed a break before returning the favor.

Fucking In The Office After Hours

Duration: 12m, 56s, Starring Anastasia Perdu

(Not Rated)

Anastasia Perdu is a hot chick that loves to fuck. She worked late one night and decided to surprise her co worker. While he was in the break room she changed into some lingerie and walked in. He didn't pause, he just walked over, pulled her tits out and stared sucking on them. He licked her nipples and pussy, pulled his cock out then laid her down on the counter and slid his cock into her pussy. He fucked her hard right there on the office counter and pounded her like he was driving a nail. Once he was done he pulled out and emptied his balls all over her tits and belly. The best part is he got overtime pay for the whole thing.

Big Tits And Hard Cock Mean Fun

Duration: 12m, 28s, Starring Alexis Finne, Alex Sanders

(1 Vote)

Alexis Finne has massive melons and she loves to show them off. She hooked up with Alex and he didn't waste any time, he just laid down and had her sit on his cock and fucked her deep. She loved the feel of his hard dick deep inside her and came almost instantly as he pounded her and licked on her nipples. Her tits really started to swing as he put her on her hands and knees and took her from behind and drilled her like she was a West Virginia coal mine. He fucked her silly then pulled out, dropped his cock on her shoulder and shot a load all over her mouth, neck and shoulder.

She Sucks Cock In The Swimming Pool

Duration: 12m, 1s, Starring Becky Silver

(Not Rated)

A guy was watching Becky Silver as she sat on the edge of the pool, pulled her swimsuit aside and fingered her pussy. He liked what he saw enough that he made his move and started touching her pussy. He licked her clam and slid a finger inside while he licked her pussy and got her very wet. He then hopped up the side of the pool and let her suck his cock. Once he was hard as concrete he pulled her out of the pool, bent her over some rocks and took her hard from behind. He deep fucked her hard then pulled his cock out and drenched her tits with hot jizz.

A Lucky Guy Gets Two Hotties At Once

Duration: 12m, 9s, Starring Lauren Finx, Selena Ramon

(Not Rated)

Selena Ramon and Lauren Finx were naked playing in their bedroom when the guy they invited walked in. They invited him into their bed, pulled his pants down and put both their mouths on his cock. He pulled one of them up and kissed her while the other sucked and stroked his cock then he laid Selena down and fed the tubesteak to her pussy. Both girls took turns riding his hard dick then he put the meat to Lauren as she lay flat on her back. Both their pussies felt so good he couldn't hold out any longer so he pulled out and plastered Selena's nice round ass with man gravy.

Her Pussy Taste Like An Egg Roll

Duration: 8m, 38s, Starring Ming Ling

(Not Rated)

Ming Ling has a super tight pussy. This Asian cutie loves having her pussy fucked hard and today this guy licked her egg roll while he played with her tits then he slid his meat into her mouth. She sucked him until he got hard then he put the meat in her dumpling and thrust deep inside her. He fucked away on her until he turned that tight pussy inside out and she came all over his cock. She took the hardcore fucking like a champ and actually kept her high heels on during the whole thing. As he was ready to explode he pulled out and she stroked him and milked him dry.

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