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Sexy Babes Love Great Cars and Cocks

Duration: 30m, 3s, Starring Envy Mi, Vivian Valentine, Mark Davis

(3 Votes)

Envy Mi and Vivian Valentine might not look like the type of girls that are easily impressed by a great car, but trust me, they can't take their eyes off of this car. Mark Davis certainly knows how to get the ladies wet over his wheels, and he gets the two of them to agree to a fun threesome. They are bisexual so this certainly helps out that request, and while he is finger deep in the one's pussy the other goes ahead and starts playing with her tits. It certainly is the type of thing that will make you go and buy an awesome car.

Chris Cannon likes fast cars and faster women

Duration: 31m, 8s, Starring Bronze, Trisha, Chris Cannon

(2 Votes)

Driving around California in his hot rod is the easiest way for a guy like Chris Cannon to score some hot chicks. Bronze and Ashley Shye are beautiful gals who would suck any dick to get a ride in the car from your favorite ZZtop video. These girls have legs and they know how to use them... stunning specimens whose mouths, pussies and asses are open for action in any order. The only rule they have is when you cum, you have to let them both share it!

Luscious Babes Getting Horny Over Car

Duration: 28m, 45s, Starring Melody Love, Sydnee Steele, Evan Stone

(4 Votes)

Hot rods and hot girls - it's a combination that is just made in heaven, and Evan Stone mostly has the car to get the chicks. I can't say I blame him for sure. I mean if pics in the magazine are to be believed, all of these cars are covered by bikini wearing bombshells. Sydnee Steele and Melody Love certainly are bombshells in their own right, and they also have bikinis - so maybe there is some truth to it. This car obsession turns into a cock sucking threesome for the ages, with the pair tossing the dick back and forth between them.

Three Car Loving Babes Get Boned

Duration: 29m, 34s, Starring Anastasia Blue, Madison Avenue, Mariah, Herschel Savage, Mr. Cheeks

(Not Rated)

Sex and cars - it's a combination older than sex and rock and roll, and it's still valid even today. Herschel Savage and Mr. Cheeks have developed a great system to getting chicks back to their house using their classic car, and I swear to god these guys get more pussy than anyone I have ever seen. Today the roster is Mariah, Anastasia Blue, and Madison Avenue. Too bad they didn't end up fucking these chicks all at once, but they did end up boning them one after another - now that's the type of efficiency I can appreciate.

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