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Girls Home Alone 22

Alexis Taylor Goes Wild Masturbating

Duration: 7m, 13s, Starring Alexis Taylor

(5 Votes)

Alexis Taylor is a yummy coed who is sporting some of the most glorious small tits around, and she's going to give you an eyeful before she gets down to business! You see, she doesn't have any cock lined up for tonight, so she's going to go ahead and rely on herself for an orgasm that is going to leave her moaning and groaning. She can't help herself, she just wants to work her fingers in deep and get herself to an explosive orgasm. She loves when she can get herself off over and over again, and strives for at least two orgasms.

Tight Pussy Aspen Stevens Masturbates

Duration: 12m, 8s, Starring Aspen Stevens

(3 Votes)

Aspen Stevens is a horny, gorgeous brunette amateur who just loves her sex toys, and she's going to be bringing out her ribbed dildo every chance she can get. She's as hot as can be, so she certainly doesn't lack for actual cock to fuck, but she loves the unique sensations that she can get from the toys. She starts working herself with that dildo, getting it in nice and deep before she pulls it out. She goes slow so she can feel every rib, and she is grabbing her ass the entire time. It's wild, hot, and she can't resist it one minute.

Perky Tit Haley Paige Loves Beads

Duration: 9m, 40s, Starring Haley Paige

(52 Votes)

Haley Paige has a sunny disposition and a love of sex toys, and she's going to give you a great view of her perky tits before she goes and brings out the toys. She has a great set, that's for sure, and she's also using a sex toy that you don't see as much. They're usually used as anal beads in many videos, but Haley puts them to work in her pussy. She just loves the way each bead stretches her out a little bit at a time. Before long she's pulled them all out and then slides the entire string right back into her sweet snatch.

Dark Haired Hottie Enjoys Dildo

Duration: 7m, 23s, Starring Domino

(1 Vote)

Domino just loves to bring out her big rubber dildo for some fun, but this dark haired vixen spends plenty of time working herself up to use it. Her long fingernails trace around her pussy, getting her nice and wet and ready for what's going to come next. She especially loves letting her fingers slowly slide in one after the other, getting her worked up to the point where she's almost shoving that dildo inside of her. She moans softly as she pushes it in, letting it go inch after inch until she has it completely impaled inside her.

Big Booty Trinity James Enjoys Vibe

Duration: 7m, 37s, Starring Trinity James

(3 Votes)

Trinity James loves to show off her booty almost as much as she loves to bring out her golden vibrator. She bends over and shakes that ass for the camera, showing the sheer joy that she has with it. She loves her vibe just as much, so she's quickly throwing off her clothes and getting her vibrator out for some fun. Her pussy lips are spread wide and she's leaning her head back with a moan. You hear the gentle buzz of that vibe getting more and more intense. Once she cranks it up to full, she's going to be coming to orgasm land fast.

Cute Crissy Taylor Loves Big Dildo

Duration: 11m, 55s, Starring Crissy Taylor

(1 Vote)

Crissy Taylor just loves to whip out a massive dildo, and when she's in the mood for it she's going to make sure that she gets off as many times as possible. That thick dildo goes in deep, and she's letting it stretch her soaking wet pussy all the way. You might not think a petite chick like Crissy would go for a toy that big, but it seems like it works out perfectly for her. As she gets it in, she gets closer and closer to an orgasm that is going to have the walls of the house shaking. Once she reaches it, you won't be able to do anything but cum yourself.

Naughty Amateur Keiko Fucks Herself

Duration: 10m, 44s, Starring Keiko

(3 Votes)

Keiko is a naughty amateur who takes the time to pleasure herself into a long and drawn out orgasm every time she has the opportunity. She's not going to let valuable time pass her by - in fact she starts herself out strong with her fingers, and then moves on to a big dildo that has her eyes wide in orgasm. She loves working that dildo all the way in, stretching herself out until she just can't take it anymore. She closes her eyes as the orgasm hits, and shudders as the passion overwhelms her and leaves her gasping for air.

Samantha Montgomery Loves Her Fingers

Duration: 6m, 24s, Starring Samantha Montgomery

(6 Votes)

Some girls end up just using their fingers, even after having every single sex toy they could possibly desire at their fingertips. Samantha Montgomery is one of these ladies, a cute small tit blond who has plenty of big toys, but wants to go with her delicate and skilled fingers. She just loves sliding those fingers deep inside of her, getting so worked up that she just wants to scream, moan and orgasm every time she puts them inside of her. Before long she is soaking wet and on orgasm number three, and still going strong.

Sativa Rose Reveals Big Dildo

Duration: 9m, 12s, Starring Sativa Rose

(1 Vote)

Sativa Rose is a well known pornstar that always has the boys knocking at her door, but sometimes she just wants to kick back and pleasure herself. When she's in that kind of mood, the only thing that can get her taken care of is her favorite red dildo. She brings it out and spends plenty of time messing with it, getting hornier and hornier as she starts to rub it all over herself. This pornstar might get more cocks than she can count, but when it really comes down to it she just loves having her dildo on hand for pleasure.

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