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Pig-Tailed Blonde Gags On His Dick

Duration: 6m, 3s, Starring Gwen Diamond, Chris Charming

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Young pig-tailed blonde Gwen Diamond sucks on a lolly pop before she's given something else to suck on. She drops to her knees to deep throat his cock, gagging on it as he holds her by the hair. She has her shirt pulled up to expose her pert tits, and she drools all over them as she sucks him off. He makes her lick his balls, and he roughly shoves his dick in her mouth and fucks her throat. After blowing him long and deep, her blows his load all over her lolly pop, and she licks his cum off of it.

Horny MILF Sucks His Hard Cock In POV

Duration: 6m, 39s, Starring Kelly Broox

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Blue-eyed blonde MILF Kelly Broox looks into the camera and begs to suck his cock. She drops to her knees and begins to blow him in P.O.V, looking into the camera as she sucks him off. She deep throats and gags on his dick as he holds the back of her head, and he makes her licks his balls. She goes back to choking on his rod, coating it in her saliva. He shoves as much of his dick into her throat as she can handle while he fucks her mouth, and he finally blows his load all over her for a messy facial. She poses covered in his cum.

She Loves Choking On Hard Dick

Duration: 5m, 23s, Starring Charlotte Stokely

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Sexy, horny blond Charlotte Stokely loves the feel of a long hard dick down her throat. She has a head game second to none and loves getting on her knees, opening up wide and swallowing this guys long dick down her throat. She chokes and gags and slobbers all over his dick. He grabbed her hair and started pumping on her face, flat out fucking her throat and getting himself so hard he nearly stabbed her in the brain with that dick. As he was ready to cum she opened up wide and sucked every last drop of cum out of his balls and down her throat.

Gag Fucked Latina Given Hot Cum Mouthful

Duration: 6m, 58s, Starring Sativa Rose

(Not Rated)

Gorgeous Latin hottie Sativa Rose provides excellent oral service to her man in this fun POV blowjob clip. Smiling Sativa looks so beautiful as she looks up into the camera while she kneels on a cushion in front of her man. If you've seen Sativa before, then you know that she has thick, perfect lips that are ideal for sucking dick. She begins with a lingering and thoughtful blow job, before her man grabs her by the back of the head and roughly throat fucks her. Slutty Sativa doesn't mind gagging on the dick, moaning her encouragement to her man as he thrusts his prick in and out of her throat until he fills it with a thick stream of cum.

Stunning Blond Shows How She Sucks Cock

Duration: 5m, 58s, Starring Emily Evermoore, Benjamin Brat

(Not Rated)

Some girls are hot - and some girls are absolutely sensational! Lovely blond secretary Emily Evermoore sure falls into the second category. This young blond is a real stunner - what an absolutely gorgeous face this girl has! She is also blessed with a fantastic body, and one of her best features is her pert and perfectly sized breasts. She gives her man Benjamin Brat an excellent suck job, sticking the dick into her cheek and looking straight into the camera like a true whore. She also proves adept at riding the dick, taking a prolonged fucking from stud Benjamin before he creams all over her face and she swallows all she can.

Horny Brunette Pornstar Gobbling Dick

Duration: 6m, 42s, Starring Samantha Roxx

(Not Rated)

If there's one thing that you can always count on a pornstar to be good at, it's giving head. Sure some of them are boring as hell when they're actually bouncing on cock, but it should be way too hard for them to fuck up a blowjob. Samantha Roxx is one of those pornstars that really does still love the cock, and you can see it in this pov blowjob. She looks up with so much hunger in her eyes that it would almost make you bust a nut all over your screen - she looks that fucking hot as she is sucking dick.

Young Blonde Deep Throats A Cock

Duration: 4m, 18s, Starring Cindy Sterling

(2 Votes)

Young blonde Cindy Sterling is on her knees as her horny man stands in front of her with a hard cock. He shoves his dick into her mouth and makes it bulge out her cheeks, and he holds the back of her head as he fucks her throat. She gags on his dick, and she drools all over her tiny tits as she chokes on his rod. She licks and sucks on his balls, and he jams as much of his meat into her mouth as she can take. He spits into her open mouth, and he finally blows his load all over her face. She waves goodbye to the camera covered in his cum.

Sweet Asian Coed Gagging on Dick

Duration: 6m, 31s, Starring Ryan Reynolds, Marco Banderas

(3 Votes)

Ryan Reynolds is in the mood to take on some big dick, so she goes after Marco Duato. It doesn't seem like that's going to be that impressive at first, but once she starts to get him hard she realizes just how big he is. He ends up making her put down her hands and tries to get her to just use her mouth. Once she does that he just face fucks the hell out of her, slapping her lips with his cock and teasing it further and further down her throat. She gags a few times on his dick, although she seems to be taking it very well.

Pretty And Pale Blonde Sucks A Hard Dick

Duration: 5m, 18s, Starring Maya Hills, Marco Banderas

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Pale blonde Maya Hills kneels and poses on the couch in pink lingerie. She's joined by a horny dude with a hard cock, and he kisses her passionately before she gets to work sucking that dick. He holds her hair back and thrusts his rod in and out of her willing mouth, and she works his shaft with her hand as she sucks on the head. She runs her pierced tongue along it's length while looking up at him, and she looks into the camera as she sucks him off. He finally blows his load all over her face for a messy facial.

Jasmine Sucks The Cum Out Of Big Hard Dick

Duration: 3m, 53s, Starring Jasmine

(4 Votes)

Sexy ethnic whore Jasmine really loves to choke on a big dick! This gag happy slut loves nothing more than being made to choke and almost throw up by a dominant stud thrusting his hard prick in and out of her mouth. She begins the scene kneeling in front of her man, burrowing her head between his thighs. She licks the whole long shaft and tongues the balls before she tries to cram the whole thing down her throat. Her man gets rough, holding her by the sides of her head and teasing her down further and further until she's choking and pushing to get away. He doesn't let up, viciously throat fucking her until he spurts inside her mouth.

Submissive Oral Slut Gets Throatfucked

Duration: 5m, 52s, Starring Jessi Summers

(Not Rated)

Submissive and cock hungry blond harlot Jessi Summers gets used as nothing more than an oral fuck tool in this hardcore blowjob scene. She looks so pretty, with barely a hair out of place as she begins the scene. Her large, full breasts are on display as her man thrusts his penis into her mouth. She sucks gently at first, barely taking more than the head into her mouth. This isn't enough for her demanding boyfriend, who grips her by the back of the head and thrusts his extremely long pole right down her throat. She gags and splutters but he doesn't relent, making her eyes water and her makeup run. Jessi gets roughly throat fucked!

Trashy Blond Pornstar Choking Down Dick

Duration: 5m, 1s, Starring Kat

(Not Rated)

Kat is a trashy blond pornstar that really loves the art of the blowjob. She doesn't even know the name of the guy that she's blowing, she just wants to wrap her lips around that dick and then literally has to choke it down as he almost face fucks her. That kind of thing just turns her on beyond anything else, and her pussy is wetter than ever once he shoves that schlong all the way to the back of her throat and nearly chokes her. After that, she is spattered with cum in a sloppy facial burst that drips off her face.

Small Tit Blond Gagging on Giant Cock

Duration: 5m, 19s, Starring Alexxa Lynn, James Deen

(2 Votes)

Alexxa Lynn is one of my favorite small tit pornstars, but even she can't handle James Deen's monster cock. He has one of the biggest dicks that I've seen in a long time, and he ends up just fucking her face nice and hard. I don't know what he has her gagged with, but it just might be her panties. Either way, she ends up getting him off nice and long, and then it's just a few minutes later that he pulls back and smothers her in cum. First she gets gagged, now she's sticky - I don't know if this is what Alexxa signed up for.

Huge Boobie Blond Gags On Thick Penis

Duration: 5m, 35s, Starring Tory Lane

(2 Votes)

Beautiful blond porn babe Tori Lane really loves to suck dick, and she especially loves it when a man gets rough with her. She looks sensational in this scene, extremely attractive in her high heels and thin mesh top that seductively shows off her large breasts. She kneels in front of her man, who towers over her and thrusts his rigid member into her mouth. She resists slightly at first, wanting to maintain control, but she soon has to give it up as the guy holds her by the back of the head and rams his cock right down her throat. She gags, coughing around the cock and it makes her eyes water as it tickles her insides.

Small Tit Blond Slurping Down Cum

Duration: 4m, 14s, Starring Staci Thorn

(1 Vote)

Staci Thorn is one of those blond pornstars that can pass as a girl next door. She has sweet natural tits, blond hair that is cropped short and looks great plastered with cum, and she loves slurping a dick down her throat. She starts off nice and slow on this big dick, but before long she is taking it down every last inch - she ends up with cum dripping down over her chin and down her throat. Before long she is going to rub that cum along her skin, loving the sticky way it slides down her body and to her pussy.

Horny Scene Chick Getting Facial

Duration: 4m, 50s, Starring Avy Lee Roth, Sasha

(Not Rated)

Avy Lee Roth has that total scene look to her, so those of you that love pale skinned black haired babes are going to go nuts over her. She also has a very important skill - she can suck two dicks at once. Sasha is the type of guy that always finds himself lucky enough to be surrounded by a ton of pussy, and he is taking full advantage of this one by choking her with his dick and going fucking insane on her. He ends up bringing over a friend just so they can completely cover her with their sticky cum.

Curvy Jessica Gags On A Big Dick

Duration: 4m, 18s, Starring Jessica Sweet, Sasha

(Not Rated)

Jessica isn't what you would call a time waster, especially when it comes to sucking dick and choking on it. She opens her mouth and throat wide to let every last inch pulverize her tonsils, with every successful deep throating resulting in tons of drool pouring out of her mouth. She actually likes it so much that she begs her man to stuff it as much as possible in her mouth, as he asks her to lick his balls while his dick is down her throat. That's one skilled chick! In fact, she's so talented in sucking his cock and taking it deep that she doesn't even need to open her legs to get him cumming; the head is enough to make him erupt on her.

Dani Loves The Taste Of A Big Dick

Duration: 4m, 45s, Starring Dani Woodward, Cheynne Collins

(4 Votes)

You're going to love watching this gorgeous chick Dani Woodward strip down on the couch while making out with her lover. She's wearing a pair of black thigh high stockings and nothing else, and she just happens to desire every inch of his dock thrusting down her throat. Her appetite for dick is amazing, as she can open up her mouth and plunge it all the way in, much to his delight, of course. She wraps her lips around it and sucks it hard like it's her pussy that's taking the penetration, moving in unison with her hand to cover his cock with all of her warm drool. When it's time for him to cum, she gets on her knees and opens wide to take it.

Two Luscious Pornstars in Tag Team BJ

Duration: 7m, 34s, Starring Claire Robbins, Myah Monroe, Benjamin Brat

(Not Rated)

Claire Robbins and Myah Monroe is the type of champion tag team duo - their asses are both fucking amazing, their pussies are smooth and incredible, and I could spend hours staring at their tits. As they start to play with their pussies, you can see them getting more and more slick, working their bodies against each other. Benjamin Brat can't resist this shit, so he goes right up in the middle of this bisexual pair and they start trading off on the blowjob, at least one of them always working his dick with their mouths.

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