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Freddie's Lesbo Grannies 1

Nicola Enjoying Big Tit Grandma

Duration: 26m, 7s, Starring Donna Derriere, Nicola

(6 Votes)

Donna Derriere finds herself in the home of Nicola, who has a big fetish for lesbian grandmas. She doesn't know why she loves them so much, only that she can't resist that 50 year old pussy and dreams about it every night. She works her hands up and down those older tits, going boob to boob to compare the two. They're still in remarkable shape, and you'd think you were looking at a much younger pair of tits. That age comes with plenty of experience, however, and Nicole gets off on it hardcore. Now that's hot.

Chubby Mature Lesbian Grandmas

Duration: 29m, 32s, Starring Adele, Donna Derriere

(6 Votes)

Talk about some rare porn - mature lesbians are hard enough to find, but getting a pair of them that are pleasantly plump? Well that certainly takes some doing if you ask me. These big tit grandmas might be older, but that has only served to make their sex drive even higher. I love watching them whip out all of their sex toys, especially when they get so worked up that they're almost having an orgasm with every stroke of a dildo. It makes them get a big smile on their face, as well as their sweet pussy lips.

Tracy Lain Loves Fucking Grandmas

Duration: 23m, 38s, Starring Lolly, Tracy Lain

(7 Votes)

Tracy Lain has a big thing for women much older than her, so she has all sorts of grannies coming through her bedroom. Her conquest of the day is Lolly, who has these great natural tits that draw her mouth right away. Her hands trace down that body, still curvy and very sexy, and before long her mouth follows the path that her fingers treaded already. Before long she has her tongue deep in that cunt, working it in deep and along the slit. She has that lesbian grandma screaming in orgasm, and she loves it all.

Seductive Grandma Explores Hot Pussy

Duration: 28m, 39s, Starring Red, Tracy Lain

(6 Votes)

Tracy Lain has this thing about fucking women much older than she is - and when Red comes along she is thrilled to death. She gets this granny back in the hallway, and then they're off to the bathroom for some private time. You'll see them stripping down in no time flat, and before long they are playing with each other's tits and working at their sweet slits. The noises coming out of that bathroom must have been a wonder, and as they keep on fucking they're exploring all sorts of hot lesbian taboo action.

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