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Hot Gay Boxer Threesome in the Lockers

Duration: 22m, 43s, Starring Carlos Baxter, Guy Tucker, Rod Stevens

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Hooray for gym sex scenes - there is nothing quite like watching these three gorgeous boxers going at it, especially when it's Carlos Baxter, Rod Stevens, and Guy Tucker. They are fit and in prime shape, with just enough muscles to look great but not so many that they look gross. I love seeing some secret sex in the lockers - there is nothing like watching some guys slowly strip down to get their sweet cocks sucked. Now that's the type of gay sex that I love to watch - they really get into it too.

Three Guys And One Single Guy Jerk Off

Duration: 14m, 3s, Starring Freddy Costa, Fritz Rockafeller, Julian Salieri, Rodney Cooldage

(Not Rated)

We see three guys fighting in a stair well and then they start taking off their shorts and taking their dicks out. Pretty soon all three are jerking off. We then see another guy in the bathroom shoving a dildo up his ass and licking it. We then get back to the other three guys who are all jerking off in the stair well and one by one they all squirt out their white hot cum loads onto their hands that they're jerking off with. We then go back to the guy in the bathroom who is licking the dildo and shoving it up his ass again, and then licking it off. He then jerks off fast and hard and cums his load all over his stomach.

Two Guys Fuck After A Boxing Workout

Duration: 25m, 4s, Starring Fred Fele, Julian Vincenzo

(2 Votes)

Julian Vincenzo and Fred Fele hit the gym and did some boxing to get the blood flowing. After a few rounds of sparing they took off the gloves and Julian rolled Fred up into a ball and started licking his ass. After tossing his salad he stroked Fred's dick then took it in his mouth and sucked it good. Fred bent over and let Julian slide that now wet, hard dick into his ass and fuck him. He pounded that ass like it was a heavy bag then he laid back and let Fred sit on top and ride his hard cock like a dirty cowboy. As the guys were ready to cum the stood next to each other and shot their hot loads all over each other the hit the showers.

Gym Gays Suck Cock In Ring And Showers

Duration: 36m, 17s, Starring Alex Rodd, Dallas Diamond, Julian Vincenzo, Kenny Rohand, Lenny Long

(2 Votes)

This is a double length gay scene in two parts. In the first section, three gay guys get busy in the showers, licking each others' cocks and fucking each other while another guy watches from the shadows. Then the fourth guy enters the fray, laying the smack down with his big cock on those three tight asses. Then the scene cuts to the kickboxing gym, with three horny studs get naked with each other and sucking cock ringside. They move to the floor, laying out the yoga mat so they can take turns to penetrate each others' tight ass holes and give each other the reach around. You'll love this extremely long and hardcore gay sex scene.

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