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Madison Loves Massive Black Cock

Duration: 24m, 7s, Starring Madison Monroe, Billy Banks

(14 Votes)

Some girls are complete size queens, and the elegant looking Madison Monroe is one of them. She just loves getting her mouth wrapped around a dick that is almost too big for her throat, let alone her tight, sweet little pussy. Now she does look like a bit of a prissy chick when you first see her, but she unthaws quickly and is very enjoyable in the sack. You know that Billy Banks has no complaints when it comes to this luscious, horny, and above all else wild girl in the bedroom. She loves going through every position in the book for fun.

Nicole Craves Big Black Dong

Duration: 20m, 39s, Starring Nicole Brazzle, Carlton Banks

(7 Votes)

Nicole is a very demure, almost girl next door type of chick. You would never suspect her of wanting to get on a porn video and go after big black dick. She has a craving for both and is taking care of both sides in one fell swoop. She starts by flashing her nice natural tits to Carlton Banks and getting on her knees. She grabs at his dick, marveling at the size of it as she starts to suck on his dong. Before long she ends up getting his dick shoved so far into her pussy that she is almost skewered on his cock and she's going crazy.

Julie Van Saint Addicted to Black Dick

Duration: 27m, 12s, Starring Julie Van Saint, Billy Banks

(4 Votes)

This horny blond partygirl is not exactly the most demure of women in the world - her idea of an outfit to go to the park is a purple fishnet shirt over no bra, pasties, nothing. You know that she's getting plenty of looks and plenty of guys that wish they were in Billy Banks' position. Once Julie Van Saint gets back to the house she is mighty horny and ready to go after that big black dick. She smiles as that cock slides down her throat, just barely fitting when it was stuffed entirely in her mouth. Her pussy got a pounding as well.

Nicole Parks Can't Resist Big Black Dick

Duration: 18m, 22s, Starring Nicole Parks, L.T.

(3 Votes)

Nicole Parks is your typical girl next door, albeit with an outfit that almost brands her a total whore. She's a total cutie in the face and a slut with the rest of her body, so it's a nice combination. L.T. gets her alone in her backyard and convinces her to have a good at sucking his big black dick. It really doesn't take her all that long to agree to it, and she's on her knees in the grass, trying to suck on a dick that is almost bigger around than her mouth. That's when you know this is going to be a fun scene.

Hot Blond Pornstar Goes After Black Dick

Duration: 24m, 28s, Starring Olivia Saint, Devlin Weed

(2 Votes)

Olivia Saint is hardly the saint that her name makes her out to be, but she's actually something better - a total sex kitten that cannot resist getting her pussy demolished by a big black dick. She stops by with Devlin Weed and opens up her sweet pussy to his long, hard cock. She starts things off by making sure that he is as hard as possible, working his long dong in her mouth and down her throat. She's quite skilled at that and she makes sure to get him all worked up before letting him at her sweet pussy.

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