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The Boss Gets A Stiff Ass Fucking

Duration: 18m, 10s, Starring Dillon Press, Jake Mitchell

(2 Votes)

What's the worst news anyone could receive? Those two dreaded words, "you're fired". So you would think Jake Mitchell would be pissed off at his boss, Dillon Press. But instead, he's looking for some hardcore fucking, as he has his cheeks spread for his tongue to dive deep in his butthole. He licks his ass and strokes his swelling cock from behind, and then he takes that dick and plunges it deep down his throat to suck it all the way stiff and cover it in drool. After he sucks off the boss, he finally gives him the deep dicking he's been looking for, ramming his ass from behind and when he gets on top before cumming on his tight butt.

Janitor Sucks And Fucks A Redneck

Duration: 21m, 1s, Starring Cutter Knight, Dex Harden, Dillon Press

(3 Votes)

Dillon Press was making sure that everything was on the up and up when it came to his truckers, especially when it came to slacking off. He told Dex Harden and Cutter Knight not to slack off, but as soon as he left, he made him wipe his ass and suck his dick! He pulled his pants down and started beating him with his own belt, before he got on his knees and licked his asshole clean. After he cleaned up all his dirty parts, he bent over and felt him penetrate his ass with his redneck dick from behind, bending him over the dirty toilet and pounding him. He shot tons of cum all over his face while he stroked himself as well.

Two Truckers Fuck During Lunch

Duration: 20m, 26s, Starring Andy Dill, Jake Hansen

(1 Vote)

Everyone was having a fun lunch break together, but as soon as the boss and another guy left these two alone, Andy Dill and Jake Hansen skipped the rest of their lunch in lieu of some dessert! He declared that he was taking charge, as he dropped his head in between his legs and took out his dick to suck it up and down until it was totally stiff and covered in drool. He stood up and fed him his own dick before bending him over and licking his asshole, and then he plunged his cock deep inside of his ass on the lunch table. He fucked him as he stroked himself, and both of them shot their hot load all over his hairy body.

Tardy Employee Gets Two Dicks To Please

Duration: 20m, 44s, Starring Dillon Press, Dustin Longfellow, Jake Mitchell

(2 Votes)

As Dillon Press and Jake Mitchell watched Dustin Longfellow stroll in hours late to his gig, they figured that the way to make him realize the error of his ways was to feed him two cocks down his throat. He didn't hesitate to take his meat rockets like a man, as he bobbed his head between both of their dicks until he sucked them both stiff. He was so good at sucking cock that he got one of them to shoot his load on his face before he even got to fuck him! The boss then got to bang his butt, bending him over and ramming his stiff pecker deep into his ass from behind. He pounded him on these tires until he shot cum all over his swollen dick.

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