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He Gets Gay Sex In the Big House

Duration: 24m, 6s, Starring Dan Ryder, Jake Mitchell

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Jake Mitchell was chillin' in the holding cell at the police station. Dan Ryder came in and saw him there, he pulled back his blanket then leaned over and stirred him up with a hot blowjob. Jake stirred up to Dan's lips wrapped around his cock. Dan rolled him over and slid his cock into his ass and started slamming on him then he flipped him onto his back, put his legs up over his shoulders and fucked him deep and hard. When he was ready to cum he pulled out and he and Jake stroked their cocks together and shot their loads onto Jake's belly.

Hairy Bear Gets Hard Ass Insertion

Duration: 20m, 16s, Starring Jim Longfellow, Rick Sale, Ron Howard

(3 Votes)

This is one of those types of gay pornos that you don't get to see too often. This is about some wild ass insertion, and although I know technically all of gay porn is about ass insertions, it doesn't cover giant dildos pounding into tight asses. What we have here is a prison scene featuring Ron Howard, Jim Longfellow, and Rick Sale. The prisoner is pushed down into the bed by the guard, and then he whips out one giant dildo. This thing is just massive, and it slams into his tight asshole again and again.

Young Fireman Fucked By Dominant Chief

Duration: 19m, 11s, Starring Randy Small, Rob Bare

(5 Votes)

There's a new fireman working at the fire house and it's time for his special education with the boss. He gets called into the head fireman's office, and is shocked to see his boss sitting naked behind a desk! The dominant chief makes the younger man strip off naked as well, standing there with his dick proudly extended in front of him. The young man gets down on his knees to suck the chief's cock, while he hold him by the back of the head in a fatherly fashion and guides him up and down on his prick. The dirty chief licks the young fireman's ass hole, before he bends him over, spitting on the asshole for lube then sliding inside.

Sucking Cock To Get Out Of Trouble

Duration: 9m, 58s, Starring Jake Mitchell, Jason Mews

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Jake Mitchell got arrested, again. He was tossed in a cell and later Officer Jason Mews, came in and told him if he blew on the skin breathalizer he would get to leave without any trouble. So Jake fished Jason's dick out of his pants and started sucking on it, getting him hard and playing with his balls. Jason got naked and pushed Jake's head down on his cock so he could deep throat it then he turned around and let Jake tongue is ass and balls from behind. When he was ready to cum he laid Jake back and showered him with sticky hot jizz, then let him free.

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