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Auto Felatio 2

Cole Sucks His Own Long Hard Dick

Duration: 14m, 54s, Starring Cole

(2 Votes)

You don't get to see auto fellatio that often in porn, since it is a very rare skill to have. Also, how often do the guys that suck their own cock go outside? What else could they possibly need? Cole is all over his dick in this scene, letting it work down to the back of his throw as he leans over himself. It's a rather hot scene to watch, especially since he is so hard that he has having a bit of a problem wrapping his lips all the way around his cock, working it down his shaft with plenty of skill.

Flexible Huge Cock Stud Joey Sucks His Own Fat Dick

Duration: 10m, 53s, Starring Joey Stevens

(2 Votes)

Young beefcake stud Joey Stevens is blessed with those two most spectacular abilities - an incredibly big dick, and the flexibility to be able to suck his own prick! In this vid we see him at home alone, indulging in his favorite activity - auto fellatio! First he jerks himself till he is rock hard and just about ready to cum when the camera zooms in on the eye of his penis, you can see the first drops of salty precum starting to gather. Then he lifts himself upside down, sliding the bulging head of his cock into his mouth and sucking on it. Putting his hands on his ass cheeks for leverage, he can cram a few more inches down his throat.

Gay Guy Giving Himself a Blowjob

Duration: 14m, 34s, Starring Travis Taylor

(1 Vote)

Travis Taylor is a lucky man, and how he stays in such good shape or ever leaves the house is a mystery to everyone! He's about to show you one of the many wonders of the world as he gets good and hard, giving himself a hand-job. Once he's rigid and ready he sits up and starts licking his own knob, just teasing it with his tongue before rolling onto his back and letting his body weight lower his whole cock into his mouth! He not only can, but does give himself an incredible blowjob, and when he cums he cums hard!

Todd Stevens Sucks His Own Dick

Duration: 17m, 31s, Starring

(Not Rated)

Men who can suck their own dicks never need to leave the house, as they're certainly going to be having more fun with themselves than anyone else is going to. He's looking mighty fine as well, which certainly helps with the attraction. He gets himself completely hard so that he can make sure he can reach his dick, then dives right in. It looks like he has gotten plenty of practice with his cock sucking, so he makes sure to keep on sliding his mouth up and down on his dong until he ends up exploding with pleasure.

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