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Two Young Dudes Watch TV And Masturbate

Duration: 11m, 59s, Starring Bobby Bacon, Michael Brandon

(Not Rated)

In this hot double masturbation movie, older stud Michael Brendon is sitting around in the lounge watching television with young buck Bobby Bacon. Bobby is quite nervous to be a round this dominant alpha stud, but he can't keep his eyes off him! Bobby's eyes are virtually bulging out of his head as Michael suddenly takes his clothes off, stripping and showing off a delightfully toned and tanned body with a nice thick cock. Bobby continues to watch lustily as Michael sits there on the sofa right next to him, stroking himself to a massive erection and starting to masturbate while he watches the TV. Following suit, Bobby gets out his own cock.

Gorgeous Guy With Huge Cock Masturbating

Duration: 8m, 44s, Starring Michael Brandon

(Not Rated)

Good-looking surfer stud Michael Brandon is phenomenal! He has got the classic, clean cut good looks and strong jaw line that would make any man's heart melt. He looks so goddamn sexy sitting on the sofa with his shirt unbuttoned - look at those toned abs and those muscular pecs! When he gets naked, you will have to pick your jaw up off the floor - he has got a massive cock as well! This glorious hunk of man proceeds to pump himself off in sublime fashion, getting himself rock hard and wanking himself in multiple positions. His dick so long that it would require three adult sized hands to cover it - so fucking tasty!

Good Looking Surfer Strokes Himself Off

Duration: 8m, 53s, Starring Jason Nichols

(Not Rated)

In this straightforward gay sex movie, good-looking Caucasian surfer Jason jacks himself off in the privacy of his own home. First he just strips and walks around naked; you've got to love those toned surfer bodies! Then he retires to the bedroom, prudently closing the blinds and starting to stroke himself. He's got a mostly hairless body except for his thick pubes; he's also got a short but thick cock that you will want to suck immediately! He closes his eyes and arches his back, pumping himself furiously until he is gushing all over his own flat stomach. Don't you wish that he was jizzing all over you instead? That's a lot of cum!

Two Drumming Dudes Watch Each Other Wank

Duration: 7m, 56s, Starring Bobby Bacon, Zach Andrews

(Not Rated)

At the beginning of this mutual masturbation video, good-looking surfer studs Bobby and Zach sit around the drum kit, talking about their favorite music. Of course, get a couple of horny gay men in the same room together and you know that the conversation is going to turn to sex! The two dudes strip off for one another, with Bobby showing off an extremely muscular and desirable body that will make you want to spurt right then and there! The dudes stand next to each other, comparing their large cocks and then jerking off side by side. They both ejaculate on top of one of the drums - they won't be playing that one for a while!

Jeff Wanks While Fucking His Own Ass

Duration: 7m, 50s, Starring Jeff

(Not Rated)

After a long day at the beach perving at the other good-looking dudes, stud Jeff comes home to a boring and empty household. He looks around, considering watching some TV, but he is feeling so turned on that he just has to masturbate! He strips down on the sofa, revealing a long and thick cock that will make your mouth water. He starts off by just jerking himself, but that's not enough to get off, so he pulls out his favorite dildo, a thick cock and balls job that is sure to hit his g-spot. While he continues to stroke his prick, Jeff fucks herself in the ass with the dildo, making herself spurt from the exquisite prostate stimulation.

Sexy Mechanic Jerks Off Next To His Bike

Duration: 8m, 29s, Starring Bobby Bacon, Rand Rage

(Not Rated)

There's nothing sexier than a hardcore biker stud! In this vid, a young mechanic expertly uses his tools to repair his studly motorcycle. He smiles coyly into the camera, seductively removing his overalls piece by piece until he is down to his white underpants. He flops out his cock, and you will notice that his knob is already rock hard and extremely thick! He starts to work himself as he lies back against the glistening machine, pumping himself while his nostrils are filled with the sweet scent of engine oil. His mechanical pumping soon does its job and his sperm shoots towards the ceiling, drenching his own face and muscular torso.

Tattooed Stud Jerks Off His Thick Cock

Duration: 6m, 57s, Starring Joe Erickson

(Not Rated)

If you love guys with sexy tattoos, you will really enjoy watching slender and toned blond stud Joe Erickson whacking himself off. In this video he sits in the corner of a bare room, slowly removing his clothes and starting to stroke his quivering cock. You can tell that he is hung just by looking at him; however, his shaft grows an enormous amount as he pumps it - this guy ends up being fucking huge! He closes his eyes as he leans back in the corner, pumping his straining dick hard and fast. He lets go with a massive cumshot that covers the top of the black stool next to him - wouldn't you love to be licking up that dribbling load?

Gay Twink Sodomized Over Kitchen Counter

Duration: 21m, 38s, Starring Bobby Bacon, Michael Brandon

(Not Rated)

This hot gay fuck movie is split into several different segments. At first we see two dudes in the kitchen, eyeing each other over the breakfast counter. The younger of the two claims that he's never had it before, so the older man pulls his twink cock out of his pants and starts to suck it. Soon the twink is bent over the kitchen counter getting screwed in his ass; however, you can tell by how easily the dick slides into his butt that it is surely not really his first time! After this hardcore sex, the rest of the video is rounded out by a bunch of other dudes jerking themselves off solo. There are some great cocks in this one!

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